Cape robin-chat (Robin)

Best distinguished from White-browed Robin-Chat by its shorter white eyebrow stripe, and by the orange on the underparts being confined to the throat and upper breast; the rest of the breast is grey, and the belly and undertail coverts are tawny orange.
Juvenile is brownish and heavily mottled with buff and black; it has a red tail with a dark centre.
Forest edge, bushveld, scrub and fynbos, gardens and parks.
Alarm call a gutteral 'wur-da-durrr'; song a series of melodious phrases, often starting 'cherooo-weet-weet-weeeet'. They often mimic other birds


(en) Cape robin-chat
(sc) Cossypha caffra
(nl) Kaapse lawaaimaker
(af) Gewone janfrederik