Cape (orangethroated) longclaw

Could be confused with yeloow-throated longclaw but has deeper yellow underparts and a diagnostic orange throat encircled with black. Unlike yellow-thoated longclawis seldom lands in trees when it is disturbed.
Female is duller than male. Juvenile has a yellow throat with a vestigial collar; it differs from juvenile yellow-throated longclaw in having buffish to orange underparts and wing feathers edged with buff (not yellow).
Wide range of coastal and upland grasslands.
A fairly melodious song, 'cheewit-cheewit', often given in flight; also a cat-like mewing alarm call and an loud, high pitched 'tsweet' contact call.


(en) Cape longclaw
(sc) Macronyx capensis
(nl) Kaapse Langklauw
(af) Oranjekeelkalkoentjie