Cape fox

Total length 86 - 97 cm; tail 29 - 39 cm; shoulder height 30 cm; mass 2,5 - 4,0 kg
Only 'true' fox in the subregion. Back and sides grizzled silvery-grey and neck, chest and forelegs pale tawny-brown to almost white. Throat usually white. Tail long and bushy and usually darker than rest of body. Ears long and pointed, brown at back and fringed with white hair at front.
Open areas, such as grassland and arid scrub. Also wheatlands and Cape fynbos vegetation zone in the Western Cape, South-Africa.
Mainly nocturnal. Usually alone or in pairs. During the day it lies up in holes or dense thickets.
Mainly insects, other invertebrates and rodents; also reptiles, birds, carrion and wild fruit. Rarely newborn lambs.
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(en) Cape fox
(sc) Vulpes chama
(nl) Kaapse vos
(af) Silwervos