Ram: Shoulder height 80 cm; tail 20 cm; mass 45 kg; average horn length 26 cm
Ewe: Shoulder height 70 cm; tail 20 cm; mass 30 kg
Small bright-chestnut to dark-brown antilope; those in the north of the subregion more brightly coloured and clearly marked than those from south. Nevertheless, considerable variation in colour and markings even within one population. Patterns of white lines and spots are present on the flanks to a greater or lesser extent, more so in the north. No white band or chevron between the legs as in sitatunga, nyala and kudu, but there are two white patches on throat. Crest of longish hair down back of ram but only raised when it displays or threatens. Bushy tail white below and dark brown above. Only ram has horns; they project backwards with a single spiral and have a prominent ridge along edge. Can be extremely sharp poited in young rams.
Riverine woodland and bush associated with water, from coastal dune bush to montane forest.
Usually single but occasionally in pairs or small groups of ewes and lambs. Mainly nocturnal but also active during the day in cooler or overcast weather.
Predominantly browser but will take grass. May damage young trees in forestry plantations or agricultural crops.
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(en) Bushbuck
(sc) Tragelaphus scriptus
(nl) Bosbok
(af) Bosbok