Broadley's flat lizard

Females and juveniles have a dark brown back, with three thick, cream stripes on the back. These stripes may be broken up into spots, or have spots in between the stripes. The belly is white, sometimes with a black dot on it, and at the rear there is an orange color. The tail is straw-colored. Adult males have a bluish head and a greenish back. A darker area in the middle and the vestiges of the juvenile stripes and spots are also present. The forelimbs are yellow to orange, the throat is dark blue, and the belly is black in the front but becomes orange near the tail. Above the tail, it is a tan color, while below and on the sides, it is orange.
Common in the granite walls of Augrabies Falls National Park
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(en) Broadley's Flat Lizard
(sc) Platysaurus broadleyi
(nl) Broadleys rotshagedis
(af) Augrabiesplatakkedis