Black-tailed tree rat or Black-tailed treemouse

Total length 30 cm; tail 17 cm; mass 100 g
Characterized by having a tail longer than the head-and-body length, prominent ears and a dark ring around the eyes. Upperparts usually pale grey tinged with fawnish-yellow; underparts white; tail usually dark.
Savanna woodland - particularly areas dominated by acacias.
Nocturnal and arboreal. Lives in holes in trees but may also make use of large birds' nests to which it adds finer plant material. Nests may be occupied by a family group of several adults.
Reproduction: 2 -5 young per litter are born during the summer.
Green leaves, fresh seeds and seed-pods but also insects.
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(en) Black-tailed tree rat
(sc) Thallomys nigricauda
(af) Swartstertboomrot