Black-chested (black-breasted) snake-eagle

In flight adult most closely resembles adult Marial Eagle but differs in having white underwings, with the inner primaries and secondaries barred with black. At rest the exceptionally large, bright yellow eyes contrast with the dark head. It lacks the black spots of the Martial Eagle on the lower breast and belly.
Sexes are alike, but female is larger. Juvenile differs from adult and juvenile Brown Snake-Eagle by being warm rufous when recently fledged, becoming pale brown below, with a pale underwing and undertail, both lightly barred.
Frequents a wide range of habitats, from desert to savanna.
Rarely calls; a melodious whistle, 'kwo-kwo-kwo-kweeu'.


(en) Black-chested snake-eagle
(sc) Circaetus pectoralis
(nl) Zwartborstslangenarend
(af) Swartborsslangarend