African marsh harrier

Adult differs from female Western Marsh-Harrier by the lack of a well-demarked white crown and throat, and by the barring on the flight feathers and tail. Distinguished from female Pallid and Montagu's Harriers by its larger size and broader wings, and by the lack of a white rump. The adult is 45 to 50 cm long.
Juvenile has a pale, creamy head and a creamy leading edge to the upperwing. Could be confused with female Western Marsh-Harrier, but shows a pale bar across the breast and has barred flight feathers and tail. Barring is not always easily seen.
Marshland, flooded grassland and adjacent areas.
It feeds on small mammals, birds and frogs.
Mainly silent except in breeding season, when a variety of chattering notes are uttered.


(en) African marsh-harrier
(sc) Circus ranivorus
(nl) Afrikaanse bruine kiekendief
(af) Afrikaanse paddavreter